World Showcase at Epcot

World Showcase is a wonderful place in Walt Disney World.   Each pavilion is amazingly realistic.   Of special note, the cast members who work there are citizens of the countries they represent.   They do so with great pride and a willingness to share. When you have spent some time in World Showcase, you truly feel like a world traveler.

The restaurants here are exceptional, the museums are outstanding and the architectural designs impressive and very photogenic.   There are lots of activities for your children.   Here, the kids can meet characters in their country of origin.   There are a couple of rides and number of outstanding films.

World Showcase is set in a circular pattern around World Showcase Lagoon.   The tour below, since most people head right, is a counter-clockwise trip.

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Canada Magic Certificate, United Kingdom France

morocco Japan American Adventure

Italy Germany

Norway Mexico The happy traveler

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