Epcot's Future World

One of Walt Disney's many admirable dreams was to build an EPCOT, an Experimental Community of Tomorrow.   He did not live to see it.   And though his successors tried, EPCOT ended up not being a community per se but two worlds:   Future World, here, a multitude of examples of what could await us in the future, and World Showcase, the world as it is today.   Many of the attractions take us on trips through history into the future, history being the foundation of so many lessons and innovations.

Sound dry?   It is most definitely not.   Get shrunk to the size of a mouse then mosey over and ride through a dinosaur swamp.   It's just a small part of your adventure in Future World.   You will be entertained and have fun at every turn as you explore timetables of power sources, communication, the human brain, horticulture, lifestyles, imagination, and living with the land and the seas.

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Living Seas The One and Only JAMMITORS! Behind the Seeds

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