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For the smallest of the three main parks, MGM has a lot to offer.   The Muppets are my favorite attraction.   After that, though, it is hard choose.   Indiana Jones, a live action show is super, so is Catastrophe Canyon, The Great Movie Ride, The Tower of Terror and lots more.

This is Hollywood!   You walk right smack dab into the movies.   All kinds of movies.   Some you watch, some you're in, it's movies all the way.   And don't scoff at my favoring the 3-D Muppet Adventure over The Tower of Terror until you've laughed a while in my shoes.

More MGM is a catch all category with one-of-a-kind photos there until I get some more up.   The More MGM button will take you to eight photos which give you a taste of the Tower of Terror, a description of Super Star Television, Elvira (a surprise guest), as well as a look at the Earful Tower, the MGM archway, and more.

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