MGM backstage Studio Tour

MGM's version of Splash Mountain

Blowing up water can be fun

Before you board the Trams for the Studio Backlot Tour, you are brought to a large tank next to the sound studios to be shown how sea battles are filmed for various movies.

Here some lucky guest/victim gets to show us how pyrotechnics are used to make bombing and torpedo effects in water. The victim, Captain Duck, wearing a yellow slicker, somewhere in the boat there, is a lucky audience member chosen apparently for his breath holding abilities.

After this, you board the trams for a studio backlot tour of various shops, like wardrobe, a large lot where some nifty movie vehicles are kept, Catastrophe Canyon, Residential Street, home of Golden Girls and others. Then, after passing by New York Street , you are left off at The American Film Institute Showcase . This attraction's real name is Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour.


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