Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour

AKA Catastrophe Canyon at MGM

Just about everyone has heard of Catastrophe Canyon but how many knew that is not the name of the ride? That's what I thought when I first went looking for it. It's the Studios Backlot Tour and you will find it if you walk along to the right of Mann's Theatre, home of The Great Movie Ride , pass by 1,001 Dalmatians (they had puppies) and look for Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour on your right.

Everybody wants to see Catastrophe Canyon but there is more to this tour than the excitement at the Canyon. On entering The Studios Backlot Tour, you walk to a demonstration of movie special effects where you stand to watch the show. A few minutes later you board trams for a tour which takes you around through some of the wardrobe buildings, topiaries, and a growing collection of vehicles used in various Disney movies.

After the explosive and moving Catastrophe Canyon, it's off to see the Residential street where you may recognize some of the tv and movie homes. You may not recognize them, either, but that's okay because, all trip long, your tram driver will tell you more than you could possibly remember.

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Captain! Duck! Cinematic Car Collection Upon entering the scene of destruction

Earthquake! Fire breaks out Things are really shaking
Hot! You're going to get soaked! The Dam Breaks!
Cooldown after a shower Exiting the Canyon Sneak peek at the workings

L'Arc De Triumphe Even Mickey Loved It

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