Hippos don't wear hip waders

As luck would have it, as we were seated in the truck and under cover, the heavens opened up with the infamous Florida torrents of rain.   The air cooled instantly and became much more comfortable as we speculated we might see more animals this time.

If this rain storm was an I.Q. test, the hippo might come out on top.   This practical fellow had the right attitude - what's a little water?

The hippopotamuses, also called river horses, are found only in Africa.   Heavy bodied, short-legged animals, they resemble pigs more than horses, with their big head and small ears.   Hippos have nose flaps that close when they go underwater and the eyes and ears are on top of the head for reasons you can see in the photo above.   If this hippo is average, he could weigh over three tons and, with his short legs, stand five feet tall.

The real reason this guy doesn't mind the rain is he usually spends most of his day submerged up to his eyes and ears, anyway.



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