Crocodile tears?

Cameras don't usually pick up rain like you will be seeing clearly in these photos.   Usually when you take a photo in the rain, the photo merely looks as if it could have been focused better.   That this rain shows up is evidence of its torrential quantities.

According to the sign in the truck, this is the Nile Crocodile.   The Nile crocodile was worshipped in some ancient Egyptian sects as Sebek.   Reaching up to 20 feet in length, this ravenous reptile has about 50 teeth which interlock when the mouth is closed.   And it is with their tail that they capture much of their prey; they just sweep their victim into the water.   They pretty much know what they're doing; they've been around about 200 million years.

This well fed trio opted to bask in the showers, entertaining themselves by watching tourists pass by.



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