Giraffes in the Mist

Giraffes and a Safari truck As we rounded a bend, off in the distance we spotted these long necked beauties in the distance. Focusing that far with the zoom lens gave the photo a surrealistic misty quality.

The closeup at right shows the truck ahead of us and gives you an impressive impression of the imponderable precipitation.

Look at the Giraffe's neck.   Now look at your neighbor's neck.   Your neck has seven vertebrae, how many do you think the Giraffe has?   Here's a hint:   Standing at 17 feet tall, this is the tallest land animal on earth.

For some unknown reason, one thing I can never forget about the Giraffe is its species name, Giraffa camelopardalis.   You may remember it, too, when you know they used to be called the camel-leopard by Romans.

Okay, had enough time?   You have seven vertebrae in your neck; how many does the Giraffe have?   Seven; it's pretty obvious they are a whole lot bigger than ours.



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