Tomorrowland skyline at night

Tomorrowland skyline at night

Here is the skyline of Tomorrowland at night.   In the background you can see the ghostly spires of Cinderella's Castle toward the left.   This is another evening photo to remind you to be sure you see the same park at night that you saw during the day.   The parks are the same but different; it's like night and day.   :)

Seriously, Disney knows how to make its parks look spectacular with or without daylight, and they've done a particularly stunning job with Tomorrowland.

TIP:   If you do find yourself in a Disney park near closing time, do not rush toward the exit unless you have to.   They may say the park is closing but they'll keep it open for quite a while after hours.   It's more for diners who haven't finished and shoppers who are still hunting, but it's also a wonderful time to wander around till you are the only guest left.   It is very peaceful and it helps the memories of a wonderful day sink in.   It's like dessert.


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