A 1950's flashback for fine food

Counter top dining in the 1950's This is what eating at home in the 1950s was like. Whether you remember the 50s or not, you will find out in the 50's Prime Time Cafe. If you remember the 50s, you will be transported back to the time. You will remember the wall paper, the lamps the toasters and mixers. The formica, if that's what they called it then, looks absolutely genuine.

My favorite parts of this great restaurant are the waiters and the televisions. The waiters are your mother, or in the case of a male waiter, your brother. You will be admonished to keep your elbows off the table and clean your plate or you will not be allowed to have dessert.

The 1950s vintage tvs (Crosleys?), continuously play scenes from 1950s sitcoms and family shows. If you don't believe you're sitting at a 1950s kitchenette, you don't merit dessert. This is another very popular restaurant, so make your reservations early.


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