Hollywood & Vine


Hollywood & Vine, cafeteria of the stars.   Right next to Prime Time 50's Cafe, it too has the 50s look, though Hollywood & Vine is more art deco and Prime Time 50's Cafe is more like the average 1950's household.

Hollywood & Vine has a great menu, morning, noon and night, the best cafeteria I've ever tried. Some good diners might give it a run for its money but you should really try this one out.   You can take your tray and sit outside here for some excellent people watching, too.   Going up Hollywood Boulevard from the entrance, take a left and look on your left, Echo Lake will be on your right.

They have a full and varied menu and if you're not interested in food at the moment, you ought to go in anyway and check out the 50's murals and the decor.


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