The Gyro Gearloose Photo Revealed

I have often been one to get into things before a lot of other people do. Computers is one example. I loved art, photography, and playing in the darkroom long before computers. When introduced to computer graphics software, I began having the time of my life.

Rolfe meets Gyro Gearloose
Jon in Tomorrowland Gyro Gearloose Castle from TomorrowLand

Jon's meeting with Gyro Gearloose is a composite of these three pictures.

As you look through A Pansoph's Walt Disney World keep in the back of your mind that all the photos have my "computer darkroom signature" on them. Most of them have merely been adjusted for lighting. Some have had obstructions removed. Others have had to be altered to a degree that, though you probably can't tell, they don't really exist at Walt Disney World or anywhere. The majority of them started out as good photos, a few were saved from the trash by the skilled application of computer Magic Dust.

I enjoy what I do. I hope you like it, too.

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