Great Movie Ride at MGM

Ride the movies at MGM

Mann's Chinese Theatre

MGM's reproduction of the world famous Mann's Chinese Theatre houses one of the best attractions at Disney World, The Great Movie Ride. This 22 minute ride takes you through scenes from a lot of movies. The animatronics in this are wonderful. Some of my favorite animatronics are James Cagney, Bergman & Bogart in Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, and Tarzan flying through always makes me smile.

This is a long ride and another one of my favorites. It has been said that the front half of the plane in the Casablanca scene may very well be the actual plane used in the movie. And while on the tram in the Studio Backlot Tour last year, the driver showed us the back half of the plane. So, fact is, if you want to see the whole plane you have to take two rides.

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