Mistress of the Dark


Every Friday the 13th is Halloween at MGM and The Tower of Terror.   Friday, the 13th one October we found that out and we had a blast.   The park stayed open late and Elvira was the special guest.   ALL of Sunset Boulevard was a party with music, dancing and lights.   You want to make it there some Friday the 13th and, if you love it, you have to go some Halloween.

Here she is waiting on Sunset Boulevard for a crew to get ready for a shoot of some kind, a promo probably. Later that evening, she put her hand prints in cement in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre, home of The Great Movie Ride. Don't miss the sidewalk there to see all the celebrities that MGM guest have gotten to see. In 1996, Maureen Mcgovern rode by in a neat roadster just as we were walking up Hollywood Boulevard .

Make a visit to the official home page of Elvira if you dare.

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