China is the most colorful of World Showcase pavilions and its music is the most serene.   Representing only a small part of China and its cultures, the pavilion gives the feeling of being in a small city.   A busy street, a beautiful temple, and reflecting ponds dominate the scenery.

The Wonders of China film is amazing.   There are two restaurants and shopping in this beautiful pavilion of this country whose official name is Zhongua Renmin Gongheguo (People's Republic of China).

Useful Words:

  •   Ni hao     (nee how)           Hello
  •   Xiéxie     (Shay-shay)        Thank you
  •   Zai jien   (Sigh jee-ahn)     Good-bye

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    China panorama Street of Good Fortune Whispering Willows

    Temple of Heaven Temple of Heaven Reflecting Pond

    Temple of Heaven Lotus Blossom Street of Good Fortune

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