The Pipes of Nova Scotia

Canada     World Showcase at EPCOT

Calling himself The Pipes of Nova Scotia, this fellow does a lot more than play the bagpipes.   He is also a master of the penny whistle and a Celtic comedian.

When asked his name, he said his name is John "McEye".   I asked him how to spell it and told me it is spelled just the way it sounds.   The fact that he is a comedian had me suspicious and then a fan from Nova Scotia tipped me off.   Amanda from Nova Scotia suspects that if we spoke the same way the Pipes of Nova Scotia man speaks, we'd spell it 'McKay'.

He is an enjoyable musician and a funny comedian.   One of my favorite lines, he asks the gathering crowd, "does anyone know what a Scotsman wears under his kilt?"   Someone from the crowd always asks, "What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?"   After a dramatic pause, John answers, "Socks and Shoes!"

My suggestion to you, should you choose to accept this challenge, is to yell out, "Higher!"   You get an answer that makes the crowd roar with laughter.


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