Swiss Family Treehouse

Treehouse Under Construction

Walt Disney said he didn't build Disneyland for children and he didn't build it for adults. He built it for the Mickey in all of us.   Swiss Family Treehouse brings that home to kids of all ages as you begin to think to yourself that this kind of living wouldn't be too shabby.

You wouldn't mind being marooned here like the Swiss Family Robinson, this place is definitely fabulous, but unfortunately it's not for rent.   The "tree" is 90 feet in diameter and is almost entirely artificial.   With all the comforts of home, it is not just branches to swing from.   You will find a complete home with many ingenious accoutrements.

October, 1997, when this photo was taken, Swiss Family Treehouse was undergoing re-constructive surgery six months later it reopened bigger and better than ever.


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