Safari Truck in the distance

This shot was taken from about a 100 yards with a 200 mm zoom lens, so it's not the sharpest photo.   But it is the best broadside shot of a safari truck that I've gotten so far.   The truck has a hard canopy covered with canvas and, though fairly open, we didn't get wet in the pouring rain.   All in all, it is quite comfortable except for the occasionally bumpy ride.

Because of the quality of the photo and the fact that the animals are grazing and rolling, it's not an easy task to identify them if you are not an expert.

The grey ones on the left have manes and and crooked horns, reminding one of the Wildebeest we met earlier.

The fawn and white colored animals grazing on the right have the graceful, swept-back horns resembling an Antelope.   The horns and white rump resemble the Sable Antelope in the sign in the truck, but the color isn't right.   Thanks to two contributors, Brent, The Ultimate Ungulate Page and Steven, we learned, "The guidebook showed a jet black male, but neglected to mention that females are reddish-brown in color. Both have the swept back horns which you can see on the grazing females. A male's rear end is on the left of the picture, half hidden by the tree."

One thing you can be sure of, if you think it's an African Antelope, call it an African Antelope.   Since there are over 150 species of Antelope in Africa, chances are you'll be right.



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