Journey Into Imagination

Journey Into Imagination at dusk

Journey into Imagination's (JII) Figment and Dreamfinder were big longtime favorites, but for some reason, Dreamfinder was fired and Figment nearly lost his job in 1998.   The new ride, JIYI (Journey into Your Imagination) opened a year later to mixed reviews.   Actually it got pretty bad reviews. The new JIYI was quite different from the old.   Fans' beloved character Dreamfinder was gone, Figment was barely there and the concept of the new ride overall was simply hard to understand.

JIYI was so rejected that it was closed again for a change and reopened summer 2002.   We will be reviewing it soon and we hear that Figment has a larger roll that the last incarnation but not as much as the first.   And Dreamfinder is till unfortunately absent.

Lost attraction tribute:   Journey Into Imagination closed October 10, 1998.

With wonderful special effects Dreamfinder and Figment take you on a ride through the process imagining and imagination.   If you haven't heard of Figment, that's him on the first JII page.   Once you take this ride you will love him.   Figment is a purple baby dragon who will steal your heart as he helps Dreamfinder teach us how easy and fun it is to increase our abilities to imagine and create.   Dreamfinder, a rather large jolly bearded fellow in tophat is accompanied by his best friend, Figment.   We have lots of photos inside the old Journey into Imagination still to be posted.


Technology, like a newfound potion
Allows us to marvel at mysteries of motion.

Water dances where visions begin
Science reveals a life within.

I'll wind this dial and time escapes
Watch minerals change to crystal shapes.

Let's look at nature at this speed
From germination, then back to seed.

- Dreamfinder, Journey Into Imagination


Mix red and gold
From autumn flowers
Purple and blue
From twilight hours
Green summer hills
And rainbows play a
part, ha, ha
A painter's brush, ha
A work of art

- Dreamfinder, Journey Into Imagination



There a lot fans of Figment and Dreamfinder and I've found a wonderful Journey Into Imagination website. Fans are thrilled to have Figment's Imagination. If you are not yet a fan, you may soon be. Check it out, just click:

Figments Imagination

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