A Thud in the Eye of the Moon

How many of us are familiar with this picture, this next scene in your Horizons voyage?   A lot, I bet.   But how many of you know where it is from?   It's from a 14 minute French movie which was released in France in 1902 and Sweden in 1903.

Le Voyage dans la lune,, or A Trip to the Moon, a landmark 1902 film by Georges Melies, is the first science fiction movie.   Essentially, a group of French officials, including France's president, travel to the moon by being shot out of a cannon!   Loosely based on Jules Verne, the film's plot has the explorers captured by moon men, they escape and return to earth.   For a 14 minute film that is nearing 100 years old, it is actually quite exciting.

For a great plot description, see Le Voyage Dans La Lune on Tim Dirks' GREATEST FILMS site.


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