We Will Pilot Our Own Cars

Continuing in the Looking Back at Tomorrow section of the ride, we enter a scene of painted flats and mobiles.   Disney must have had some pretty cultured Imagineers working on creating Horizons, because this segment is based on the brilliant predictions of little known French artist and author, Albert Robida, who lived from 1848-1926.  

Where Robida is known today, it is mainly because of his prophetic visions of the future. Several of his novels were based on his vision of the 20th century, to my knowledge, mostly the 1950s and 1960s and, on further study, perhaps beyond.   In considering his large wall mounted television, he's ahead of this household. He also anticipated air travel and its significance.

This segment of the ride is large and only a small amount of it is represented in these pages.   The fact that Disney's Imagineers portrayed an author/artist's work with lightly colored flats is quite clever.


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