Elephant walk

In spite of its great weight (over 15,000 pounds), a walking Elephant is both graceful and quiet.   A Pachyderm will walk about 4 mph and can charge at speeds of up to 25 mph.   This youngster, going at a slow walk, is contemplating the old joke:   How do you get down from an elephant?   You don't get down from an elephant - you get down from a duck.

Do you know if the room you are sitting in right now has 8 or 10 foot ceilings?   Picture bringing the record length tusk in here and see how it'll fit.   It measured 10 ½ feet!   Embedded in the skull, the tusk is actually an enormously enlarged incisor, giving it the biggest Dracula teeth in the world.

Why did they throw the elephants out of the public swimming pool?   Because they couldn't hold up Their trunks.

Which reminds me:   Did you ever wonder where Elephant jokes originated, or why they did.   Why such a plethora of Elephant jokes when there are no bunches of Giraffe jokes, Ostrich or Hippo jokes?   Anyone?



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