Leonardo DaVinci live and in person

Finally, Timekeeper meets one of his time traveling goals as he manages to send 9-Eye to the Paris Exposition of 1900.   Many wonderful exhibition halls were built here in years leading up to 1900, including the Eiffel Tower (two years under construction: 1887-1889).

Thanks to Disney fan, Chris from U.K., we learned that "this building represents a real exhibition hall in Paris, called the Grande Palais, which sits adjacent to another hall the Petit Palais.   Both are situated on the Champs-Élysées which leads up to the Arc de Triomphe." And he adds "The Timekeeper attraction at WDW uses the film made for the Paris version, which was actually filmed in and around France..so many of those locations are real."

Some of the buildings shown in Timekeeper bring to mind the Crystal Palace, but that was an exhibition hall in London which housed the Great Exhibition of 1851.   Popular belief suggests The Crystal Palace was taken down and rebuilt in the Magic Kingdom.   The 1851 original was dismantled and rebuilt, but it was re-erected southeast of London and used for exhibitions, shows, and sports until it burned in 1936.

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