Splash Mountain

You laugh when you realize you've survived
Want to go again!?

Wow, isn't it nice, we're still alive.   Let's go again! Hey, didn't it seem to you that was faster than 40 mph and more than 5 stories.   Well, actually it was 52 feet.   Hey, did you get wet?

This famous drop is actually the third drop you will experience on Splash Mountain.   The others, of course, aren't so exciting, but are a great build-up for the final plunge into infinity.

Seems to me one's degree of wetness can depend on the heat of the day.   Is this one of the rides where WDW controls the splash for warm or cold weather?   One thing I'll tell you for sure, you can sometimes get really wet if your raft, having turned the corner from this point gets the splash from the following raft. Don't worry, you'll love it.   When guests see you walking around the Magic Kingdom all soaking wet, they know where you've been.   You've been to the Laughing Place.


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