North Wales

Portmeirion, Wales
The Village

If you watched television in the '60s you should most likely recognize Portmeirion. Another hint: have you ever heard of the tv show, The Prisoner?

This is a most remarkable and eclectic place.   Sir Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978) had a dream to build his ideal village.   At the age of 42, he took a piece of land in beautiful North Wales and began to bring his dream to light.   Word is that he salvaged architectural bits from all over Europe to construct Portmeirion.   It was 48 years later, just before Clough turned 90, that he declared with satisfaction that his village was finished.

Not only was The Prisoner filmed here, The Village, as it was known in The Prisoner, has also been used in other movies and tv shows.   If you make reservations early enough for your holiday, you can stay on the property in its elegant hotel or one of many surrounding buildings.

To know this village is to love it.   If you want to find out what I mean, check out the outstanding Virtual Portmeirion, the wonderful official home of Portmeirion by The Prisoner fans, Marsha and David.   Portmeirion is also another excellent site.

Pennyfarthing of The Prisoner
Be seeing you.

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