Dapper Dans Barber Shop Quartet

Dapper Dans Barber Shop Quartet

Don't miss these guys.   You'll find them on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.   Dan told me they've been performing since before Walt Disney World ever existed.   Yessirree, they started out at Disneyland!

A Parade! Jim Campbell sings with the Dapper Dans of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, and he writes, "Indeed, this is where the original Dapper Dans quartet started in 1959, and there has been a Dapper Dans quartet at Disneyland going strong ever since.   In 1971, a new quartet was formed to go to Florida when Disney World opened.   They performed at Disneyland for a time to get their act together, and they even performed for the employees at Disney World in Orlando before the park opened there."   Learn all about them at A Dapper Dans Tribute.

Dapper Dans, the brass band, the piano player at Casey's Corner Restaurant, these are all reasons to pick up your guidemap at any shop in Disney World.   Click on the photo at right; it's not the big parade ...


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