MGM - Faux New York High Rises

Faux Skyscraper

Notice the ground floor picture window in the front left building. Although Imagineers have done an outstanding job, it is fairly obvious the window is painted on. Everything you see has been created by an artist painting a picture. All the windows, bricks, blocks, curtains, lamps, everything is painted on. Only the fellow and the saw horse barricades are apparently real.

This style of painting is called Trompe l'oeil, an art syle meaning "fool the eye". Disney successfully uses this effect throughout its resorts as well as its parks in countless ways.

You can see excellent examples of it at sites outside Walt Disney World. One is found in the village of Portmeirion where The Prisoner was filmed. And another is A Matter of Perception which shows a number of rooms and walls painted this way - I like Powder Room.

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