MGM - New York City Skyscrapers

Faux Skyscrapers

This and the next photo were taken at different distances, about 25 feet apart, and help illustrate movie sets and forced perspective. It is a ruse well done here. In that short distance between the two pictures you can see the increased leaning of the "buildings". For some reason, the brain doesn't notice this as well as the camera and, if you took photos, you might find yourself doing a double take when you get the prints back; it is that convincing to the eye.

Everwhere, every park and every land in Walt Disney World the buildings are forced or manipulated perspective. Usually it is to make the buildings appear larger and taller than they really are. Windows are made slightly smaller at every floor ascending. Each story or floor is shorter. And sometimes they lean for a larger size effect, too. MGM's New York Skyscrapers is the spot that inspires you to keep an eye out for other Architectural Imagineering in the parks.

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