Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

Journey Into Imagination

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience., affectionately known as HISTA, Don't miss it.   On entering you are given 3-D glasses for the fun to come.   Don't put them on until you're seated.

The pre-show, a stand-up film by Kodak, is very very good; I'd like a copy of the film...so pay attention to it; some people believe it is an attraction in itself.

Once the Kodak True Colors film finishes on the same screen, still standing in the pre-show area, we learn that Eric Idle of Monty Python fame is preparing to present noted "Shrunk" star Rick Moranis the Inventor of the Year Award.

Once you're seated inside and the show begins be ready for a whole slew of surprises as things get complicated, a 3-D lion, thousands of 3-D mice, a snake, and a curious dog help make this an uproarious experience.   Oh, while you are in there, if you still have presence of mind, tell little Nick, not to shake the theater!   I'd tell you to buckle your seat belt but there aren't any.


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