Impressions de France

France   World Showcase at EPCOT

Reaching the end of the bridge, straight ahead you see the Palais du Cinema, home of Impressions de France. The 200 wide screen film takes you on thrilling 18 minute trip across France.   From Mont St. Michel to the Eiffel Tower, including a trip down the Seine and a flight through the French Alps, this film is accompanied by the classical music of famous French composers like Debussy and Saint-Saens.   The lines are seldom long and you will be glad you saw it.   It is also a great way to duck the heat for 20 minutes.

If you headed left to skip France for now, you would still encounter French sidewalk vendors and the wonderful Au Petit Cafe, a delightful outdoor cafe serving snacks and light meals. My recommendation is to stop here for onion soup and a glass of wine.   A great place for people watching and a bite.   A bite of food, not people.


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