1994 Universe of Energy

The entertaining and educational tour through the Universe of Energy lasts more than a half hour, making one of the longest, if not the longest ride in all of Epcot.

Compare this 1994 photo with the first one, the Universe of Energy after its 1996 Grand Re-opening.   The 1994 attraction was not as colorful and inviting as the new.   Those bushes on either side of the sign didn't seem to last long but the paint on the curbing is the same color it was in 1986.   On looking at these comparison photos, it doesn't appear that the sign itself has ever changed.

The building is partially covered with mirror-like tiles.   I think this is, pardon the pun, reflective of the use of the photo-voltaic system on the roof.   The roof's "solar collectors" provide some of the energy to power the ride inside.

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