A Brief Comment by Pansoph

It was a very busy autumn, which made anticipating the much wanted Walt Disney World vacation a hard to reach goal. When I'm too busy to build a cozy anticipatory glow before Disney I feel robbed of part of my vacation. If you're reading this, you probably understand.

With Disney vacations I've learned that, as soon as my feet hit Disney property, any worries will all go away and, more importantly, some magic is going to happen. You have no way of telling where or when it will happen, you just know it will.

Inventor Discovers Disney World, a story about Figment's whipping up a surprise for Jon Rolfe, is the preface to upcoming additions to A Pansoph's Walt Disney World, and is actually a trip report in surprise. I mean disguise. Though it includes some fiction, most of it is true. Figment did return to our room that first night. and we actually met Gyro Gearloose on our third day, at Disney Marketplace.

Many items in the Massachusetts Institute of Pansophilosophy article, Inventor Discovers Disney World in bold type indicate future links and information will be forth coming. There is a lot to say about this vacation, but I will say most of it as I post the new photos. This will take some time because I like to play with the shots before publishing them. The lighting isn't always right, you know. Used to be the darkroom fixed it, but the computer does a better job these days.

The last two weeks in Orlando, October, '97, seemed the usual 82 average high temperatures with high humidity and, unless you stayed out really late, you didn't get chilly enough for a jacket. We had a blast. We had Magic. We met some wonderful people, had inspiring experiences, and came home with pockets full of Magic Dust.

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