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Canada     World Showcase at EPCOT

This is the back of the Hôtel du Canada.   You will miss the outstanding O Canada show (inside the Rocky Mountains, no less) unless you venture all the way to the back of the pavilion.   Walking by the Hôtel du Canada and heading downward, what appears to be a mine entrance is actually the entrance to the outstanding 17 minute Circle Vision 360 motion picture.   O Canada takes you on an exciting and moving trip through Canada from coast to coast and season to seaon.   No matter if you are a Canadian patriot or have never been there before, the show will encourage you to head north to see for yourself.

If you bypass the movie (which I do not recommend), turn right toward the cooling waterfall and head for Victoria Gardens.   You can get a peek at the gardens from outside Canada but this is the best way to get the flavor, walk all the way round the back of the hotel, through the mountains, canyon and waterfall.   It really sets the mood and gives you a truer feeling for the country.   Many people stop for a while in the shadow of the hotel by the waterfall as it may be the coolest outside place in all Disney World.

Victoria Gardens was inspired by the Butchard Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia.

Le Cellier can be found by Victoria Garden.   My first reaction was, "Canadian cuisine, what's that?"   What is is, at least at Le Cellier , is one of the best places to eat at World Showcase.   It is a full service restaurant you could happily eat at every day.   It has become so popular over the past few years you must book a reservation as early as possible.


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