Barky Meets Godzilla

Barky meets Godzilla In this episode of Barkzilla, it is twilight on a rural road outside the city.   Godzilla was heading into the trees when he spotted Barky who, in reality, is not spotted at all.

It jogged distant memories in the monster and, suddenly in Godzilla's mind, Barky the macho male mutt, was his mother.   Barky, a local hero and legend already, understood the monster's confusion and hatched a plan to save the world.

Barky let Godzilla believe he was the mother and led the monster deep into the forest, convincing Godzilla a good night's rest was needed.   Far from anyone, on the now black forest floor, Blacky pushed a huge dead tree onto the monster, killing Godzilla instantly.

No one ever knew what happened to Godzilla.   You see, no human was in the forest when the tree fell, so nothing was ever heard.

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