Lion the Tree of Life

Known for its strength and beauty, the lion often rests up to 20 hours a day.   In the wild, African Lions live in the savannah, a large, open, grassy plain.   They hunt zebra, antelope, wildebeest, and deer.   It is the lionesses who hunt.   They ambush, with the majority of the hunting group chasing the prey toward individuals lying in wait.

Asiatic lions are very rare and only a small group of approximately 280 animals remain in the Gir Sanctuary.   Specific numbers of the African lion are estimated that the current population of the West African lion is less than 1,000 animals, East African lion number roughly 10,000 animals, and South African lions could be over 10,000.   For both the Asiatic and African lion, habitat destruction has been the main cause of decline.

A great lion site is the Asiatic Lion Information Center


Tree of Life

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