Looking up to the Tree of Life

This view is amazing.   I can easily identify 14 animals in this photo.   Look for a porpoise, crocodile, snakes, flying squirrel, whooping crane, tiger, rodent, fish, rhino, ant, elephant, turtle, bird and bat.   Then see if you can find more.   This previous photo and the next one may help a little.

Three sub-species of tigers have already become extinct: the Caspian, Balinese, and Javan.   The Bengal, Siberian, Sumatran, Indochinese, and South China tigers remain, and they are in serious trouble.   The rare Siberian tiger ranges as far north as the Arctic Circle.   A big male can grow to 13 feet long and weigh 700 pounds.   The Bengal is around 10 feet long and weighing about 500 pounds, is found on the mainland of southeastern Asia and in central and southern India.   A few years ago, I met a Bengal at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas, and painted his portrait.

A Gr-r-r-reat tiger site is The Tiger Information Center and for more info, visit the The Tiger Foundation


Tree of Life

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