Another view of the Tree of Life

The animals in this section are hard to identify.   The one in front looks like a cross between a beaver, a sheep, and an armadillo; maybe it's extinct.   I have had no luck in finding a way to identify extinct species, only endangered ones.   Just above and to the right is something that resembles a domestic house cat and we know they are far from endangered.   Between the cat and beaver is a creature that looks like a sea skate.   Up high against the sky on the left appears to be a black panther and, just below are two heads which appear to be buffalo-like.

The bison were almost hunted to extinction until the 1800s when that was outlawed.   Once so plentiful, estimated at 75 million, man thought it great sport to slaughter them until, in 1889, there were only 541 left and hunting them was outlawed.   The Plains Bison have made a comeback, though the Woodland Bison are still endangered.   Read about the National Bison Association.


Tree of Life

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