The Termite-ator will knock you off your foundations!

He's armed and ready for action writes Tim Burr of the Hollyweed Reporter.   This explosive soldier termite in The Termite-ator!.

Hear the word termite and you instantly think of destructive pests.   You're right, of course, it is a bug that truly hits home, in all sense of the pun.   Most termites nest in the ground and since virtually all homes have wood frames, they just work their way to your precious and mortgaged abode from the ground underneath.   It doesn't matter if your house is on a concrete slab or pilars, termites will simply tunnel through cracks in concrete until they reach their meal.

Termites do more than eat real estate, they provide a valuable service.   Like many insects they are cleaner-uppers, and termites do it by breaking down dead wood in forests. They are one of the earth's first first recylers.

However, The Termite-ator considers us, the audience, his enemies and he fights his enemies by spraying acid on them.   Until he runs out of acid.   In which case, we hear the threat, 'll be back!.

If you've seen Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3-D 4-D over at Disney's MGM Studios, you are going to love this show.

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