In my opinion, the Stinkbug's performance is a tour de force!

Claire de Room, the scent-illating Stinkbug whose performance is a real gas!   And that's not just a bunch of hot air, either.

Stinkbugs got their name from the strong-smelling substance they produce to ward off birds and other enemies.

Although a few are predators which eat other insects, most stink bugs are plant feeders, and will eat weeds as well as Farm crops.

When handled or disturbed, they produce a sickly sweet odor from glands in the thorax.   The openings for these glands are on the last thoracic segment toward the sides of the insect.   Watch in horror as Claire DeRoom, the stink-bug, turns her back on the audience and bathes one and all in foul-smelling green fumes.  

If you have never smelled a stinkbug, get ready, you're going to.   No Muppet Vision 3-D 4-D pie in your face in It's Tough to be a Bug!!

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