Ding! Dong! Dung brothers calling.

This is a promotional poster for The Dung Brothers, if you have seen their show, you have seen them billed as The dynamic "doo-doo" duo.

Eater's Digest is not very generous in its comments for the Dung Brothers, only saying, this well balanced pair of performers were born for these rolls.

Dung beetles are our friends.   Essentially, if it weren't for Dung beetles we'd be buried in, well, dung.   The ones featured here are rollers.   they will enter, say, an animal dropping, ball up their delectable meal and roll it away to conceal it in the ground.   In this way, the dung is all taken away and incorporated into, thus enriching, the soil.

The rollers are showcased here but there are to two other types:   the tunnelers and the dwellers.   The tunnelers burrow under the food source and make nest chambers into which they push chunks of dung.   The dwellers just live freely in droppings; not exactly your prime real estate.

You are about to go into the depths below the tree to the theater where insects give you a whole new view on a bugs life.   You will be given special bug eye's, making you an honorary bug, to wear during the performance.   For your own protection, I suggest that you do.

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