If it weren't for me you'd be buried in excrement

A poster for the romantic and exciting, The Dung and I with its feature hit song, Hello Dung Lovers .

Also known as scarabs, dung beetles were actually revered in ancient Egypt.   Egyptians thought dung beetles reincarnated themselves because they rolled inanimate balls into a hole and a few weeks later, a live dung beetle would emerge.   It was from that observation that Egyptians came to believe a giant dung beetle pushed the sun through the sky.   Khepri, the scarab god of the sun, rolled the sun across the sky all day and buried it each evening until it was born anew in the morning to roll the sun across the sky again.

Dung beetles occur on every continent except Antarctica and Best place to see them is in Africa along the route of the wildebeest migration, especially the Triangle area of the Serengeti in Tanzania.

As you progress through the path and down into the theater, you enter an area that's like a cavern without a top, surrounded by high rock but you can still see the sky.   This is just before you enter the cave toward the theater itself.

It is in this cavern-like area that you will see the posters I've photographed for these pages.

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